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JHET 2013 | Volume 4, Issue 1

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Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors of Older Adults and College Students Participating in Recycling Mentors, a Service-Learning, Environmental Health Education Program
Authors: Michelle Lee D’Abundo, Elizabeth Fugate-Whitlock, Kelly Ann Fiala, and Eleanor Krassen Covan

The Longitudinal Impact of an Undergraduate General Education Wellness Course in Early Adulthood
Authors: Georgia N. Polacek, T. Dary Erwin, and Jennifer G. Rau

Comparison of Breast Health Teaching Methods for Adolescent Females: Results of a Quasi-Experimental Study
Authors: Retta R. Evans, Jacqueline A. Horton, Wajih A. Ahmad, Susan L. Davies, Scott W. Snyder, and David M. Macrina

Teaching Goal-Setting for Weight-Gain Prevention in a College Population: Insights from the CHOICES Study
Authors: Jolynn Gardner, Jerri Kjolhaug, Jennifer A. Linde, Sarah Sevcik, and Leslie A. Lytle

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