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JHET 2015 | Volume 6, Issue 1

Table of Contents


Design, Implementation, and Lessons Learned from a Digital Storytelling Project in an Undergraduate Health Promotion Theory Course
Authors: Marylen Rimando, K. Bryant Smalley, & Jacob C. Warren

Stages of Learning During a Self-Directed Stress Management Experience
Author: Karl L. Larson

Utilizing the CIPP Model as a Means to Develop an Integrated Service-Learning Component in a University Health Course
Authors: Brent Powell & Eric Conrad

Addressing Size Stereotypes: A Weight Bias and Weight-related Teasing Intervention Among Adolescents
Authors: Maya Miyairi, Justine J. Reel, Moisés Próspero, & Esther N. Okang

Accelerating Educational Innovation in the MPH Degree Program: What is the Role of Peer Review of Teaching?
Authors: Taryn Vian & Paul G. Ashigbie

Preparing Science Teachers to Address Contentious and Sensitive Science Topics
Author: Gustave Ado

Reducing Obesity in Students Everywhere (ROSE): A Brief, Interactive, School-Based Approach to Promoting Health
Authors: Marissa Alert, Daniella Carucci, Mary Kate Clennan, Shannon Chiles, Erin N. Etzel, & Patrice G. Saab

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