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JHET 2016 | Volume 7, Issue 1

Table of Contents

Title and Author(s)

Attitudes Towards Teaching and Perceptions of School Climate Among Health Education Teachers in the United States, 2011-2012
Authors: Catherine E. Cardina and Joshua M. Fegley

Health Education in the Twitosphere: Will you follow?
Author: Elizabeth A. Fettrow

Stopping Sexual Assault on Private College Campuses: Impact Evaluation of a Prevention and Awareness Intervention Conducted with Community Partners at a Christian University
Authors: Alycia Johnson, Kate H. Thomas, Margaret M. Shields, Melissa Butcher, and Jacqueline Jemsek

Using the 7C Framework for Teaching & Learning Health Education & Promotion
Authors: Craig Becker, Lei Xu, and Beth Chaney

The Educational Efficacy of a Values-based Online Tool in a Public Health Ethics Course
Author: Jennifer Tripken

A Formative Evaluation of Healthy Heroes: A Photo Comic Book-Social Cognitive Theory Based Obesity Prevention Program
Authors: Paul Branscum, Alexandra Housley, Amir Bhochhibhoya, and Logan Hayes

A National Assessment of the Impact of the Institutes for Higher Education Academy on School Health Faculty
Authors: Amelia C. Huelskamp, Joseph A. Dake, Susan K. Telljohann, Marlene K. Tappe, and Timothy Jordan

From the Classroom to the Real World: Do Grades Matter?
Author: Susan M. Radius

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