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JHET 2018 | Volume 9, Issue 1

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Title and Author(s)

Effectiveness of a Required Health-Related Fitness Course on Dietary Behaviors Among Community College Students
Authors: Melissa S. Evans, Marilyn Massey-Stokes, & Kathleen Denson

The Attitudes, Beliefs, and Norms Framework: A Tool for Selecting Student-Centered, Theory-Informed Affective Learning Objectives in Health Education
Authors: Judith A. Johns and Matthew T. Moyer

Teaching Health Disparities, the Social Determinants of Health, and the Social Ecological Model through HBO’s The Wire
Author: Naa-Solo Tettey

HealthSpeaks: Using Poetry in Development of Health Education Curriculum
Authors: Jenelle N. Robinson, Jevetta Stanford, and Fern Jureidini Webb

Reading and Writing Attitudes of Children: Conceptual Implications for Health Education and Health Literacy
Authors: Valerie A. Ubbes, Rachel Dillhoff, and Waldemar Maldonado

Addressing School District Readiness for Elementary Health Education Using the Transtheoretical Model
Authors: Sarah E. Toth, Retta R. Evans, Marcia R. O’Neal, and M. Christine Highfill

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