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JHET 2019 | Volume 10, Issue 1

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A Nurse-Led Inpatient Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support Program to Improve Patient Knowledge and Treatment Adherence
Author: Antony Macido

Research Publishing Considerations and Improving Your Success in Academia
Editorial by Dr. Lori L. Dewald

Teaching Program Planning and Evaluation: Measuring Acquired Skills of Alumni in Health Education Settings
Authors: Alicia Wodika and Darson Rhodes

Health Information Seeking Behavior and Perceived Source Trustworthiness in Public Health Students: A Pilot Study for Improving the Curriculum
Authors: Heidi Hancher-Rauch, Angelitta Britt-Spells, Amie Wojtyna & Megan Standish

Utilization of Information and Communication Technologies for Nutrition Education Among Community Health Workers in Imo State, Nigeria
Authors: Kehinde Thomas and Chisom Uwandu

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