Journal of Health Education Teaching Established 2010

Journal of
Health Education Teaching

ISSN 2333-4851 (online)

About the JHET

A journal exclusively for the teaching of, in, and about health education.

The focus of the JHET is for the teaching of both undergraduate and graduate level health courses. It is for health education teacher education (HETE), community health, public health, and that ever questioned and challenged personal health course.

This journal hopefully stimulates and encourages professionals to conduct research in teacher education, teaching practices, methodologies, and pedagogies, etc.

Another research area that is considered by the JHET is research on how to effectively and successfully deliver health education at the individual, community, and public levels.

We strongly encourage quantitative and qualitative research.

There is also a section for classroom teaching ideas, however teaching ideas are not the primary purpose of the JHET. Classroom teaching ideas submitted to the JHET must be tested and refined. If the teaching technique is not tested and refined, please submit your idea to one of the many other journals that publish untested teaching ideas.

The Journal of Health Education Teaching is an open access peer reviewed professional journal in Health Education. All content is free and is open access without embargo.

The published research is digitally archived by ERIC.

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