Journal of Health Education Teaching Established 2010

Journal of
Health Education Teaching

ISSN 2333-4851 (online)

Why the JHET?

The JHET was established to promote the advancement of teaching in health education. No such journal exists whose entire focus is for the promotion of the actual teaching of the different health educations.

Many academic fields have journals whose focus is on the teaching of the subject matter, and we felt it was time to start such a journal in the health educations. While health education professional preparation encompasses the development and training of K-12 teachers/health education teacher education (HETE), community health, and public health; on some campuses these preparation programs are independent of one another and at other universities these preparation programs are combined in the same classroom. This conundrum poses teaching challenges for the faculty and challenges in student learning.

Also it is important to promote the exploration of the personal health course that is offered on many college campuses. Personal health courses have been a mandated graduation requirement, then many were dropped during university curriculum reforms, and now universities are reintroducing this course in the general education requirements for undergraduate students. The re-implementation of this introductory health course for the general university student population needs to have research conducted for and about the course in order to validate effective teaching methods for reaching the students and helping to impact their health. In addition, the maintenance of the personal health course within the university curriculum can be helped by research and thus assist in keeping health educators employed, and hopefully the university student body healthier throughout their undergraduate years. A healthier university graduate earns more money and is more likely to donate money back to their alma mater. This course deserves a professional outlet and the JHET will serve that void.

The Journal of Health Education Teaching is an open access peer reviewed professional journal in Health Education. All content is free and is open access without embargo.

The published research is digitally archived by ERIC.

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